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Electronic Resources Librarain Job Posting

The Cline Library at Northern Arizona University invites=20
applications for: Electronic Resources Librarian. The position=92s=20
primary goal is to ensure consistent and integrated access to=20
licensed electronic resources in a technology-intensive learning=20
environment. As a member of Content, Access and Delivery Services=20
(CADS), the Librarian assists in evaluating and strengthening=20
access to electronic resources within the NAU course management=20
system and through various other University and Library=20
interfaces. The Librarian participates in the refinement and=20
implementation of procedures related to licensed electronic=20
resources procurement and management. As a member of a Library=20
resource specialist team, the Librarian also serves as a liaison=20
to one of the University colleges. NAU=20
<http://www4.nau.edu/president/mission2.asp> values service=20
excellence in a learner-centered environment. The Cline Library=20
focuses on all students, faculty, and staff regardless of their=20
locations and provides extraordinary service that facilitates=20
24/7 completion of course assignments and scholarship. We seek=20
personnel who are committed to the Library's mission=20
and who are flexible and reliable in an atmosphere of rapid=20

The salary is $47,400 DOE; a detailed job description and=20
application procedure is located at:=20
http://hr.nau.edu/m/content/view/620/476/ . Northern Arizona=20
University is a committed Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action=20
Institution. Women, minorities, veterans and individuals with=20
disabilities are encouraged to apply. NAU is responsive to the=20
needs of dual career couples.

Beth Schuck
Coordinator, Content, Access and Delivery Services
Co-Chair Commission on the Status of Women, 2005-6
Cline Library, Northern Arizona University
PO Box 6022
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
(928) 523- 6779