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Administrivia and What to discuss in public

Dear Liblicense-l Readers:

Your faithful moderator will be away for a few days in places where e-mail
is not as reliable as it is from her library or kitchen table, so you may
see a brief slow down of list mail; then the US Thanksgiving will follow
and will see many of our US readers taking a little break from work. Thus,
we will be in more of a go-slow mode with the list for a short time.

The recent discussion about what can and cannot be talked about on lists,
in public, and in private was both enlightening and frustrating.  
Opinions vary; I have no hesitation in saying that we have as a group and
as individuals have stayed well within the lines.  A little pause will
probably be helpful now, and we can restore discussion sometime next week
by opening up some new threads as well as through pursuing the old.


Ann Okerson
Yale Library
liblicense-l moderator