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More than 20% growth in Eprints Archives

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Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 10:43:44 -0500
From: Timothy Miles-Board <tmb AT ecs soton ac uk>
Reply-To: American Scientist Open Access Forum

The free GNU Eprints.org software is the first Open Access Institutional
Rpository software, and the most widely used worldwide.

The number of EPrints-based archives now stands at 195, an increase of 22%
from the 160 in existence 2 months ago. A list of the new sites is
provided at the end of this email.

Eprints is continuously upgraded in accordance with the expressed needs of
the worldwide EPrints user community - the longest-standing usership of
any archive software - as well as the evolving needs of the even larger
global Open Access community.

Recent features include:

- RSS feeds of latest research outputs from individuals, groups and
- HTTPS support
- Default metadata set designed by librarians
- Custom search forms
- Maximises Open Access (OAI is enabled by default and automatically
  configured) and is designed to support Google searching
- Generate HTML bibliography fragments for including
  up-to-date publication lists on web pages and portals
- Easy mechanisms for research reporting

Upcoming features:

- Output plugins (BibTex, XML etc.)
- Customisable submission workflow
- Support for Research Assessment processes

Core features:

- Stand alone, out of the box
- Host multiple archives on one physical server
- Designed by researchers (who understand the tasks, OA needs and
  motivations of researchers)
- Email alerts
- Scripting API
- Comprehensive customisation
- Multi-language support

Download EPrints for free from http://www.eprints.org/software/


In order to help sustain the continued growth of EPrints in the future, a
new initiative, EPrints Services, has been launched.

EPrints Services offers:

* Training for librarians, managers and technical personnel (next event:
18th-20th January 2006) http://www.eprints.org/services/training/

* Advice on OA and IR policy matters The institutional policy created by
the EPrints team is recommended by the UK Select Committee, Berlin 3, and
Research Councils UK.

* Hosting and maintenance
* Technical Support
* Customisation and bespoke development

ALL revenue generated by EPrints Services is being used to fund the
continued development of EPrints as a free resource for all.

Timothy Miles-Board
EPrints Services
University of Southampton, UK