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Re: GooglePriint unique identifiers?

yes I get those titles.

looks to me like a base-64 hash of a database record. There are numerous
advantages to generating identifiers this way, all of them very well known
to the computer science community, all of them universally ignored in the
library and information industry. If you're curious, that leaves 4.7
billion trillion identifiers.

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At 5:13 PM -0500 11/8/05, Hamaker, Chuck wrote:

Would some of you check to see if the url's below give you the same titles
I get from google print. I think, but don't know, that Google is using a
random unique 12 digit identifier for individual books. Here's a brief
list of some I've found so far. Please let me know if you get the same
books If there is a unique identifier for each book then it seems to me
that some of us might want to investigate putting google links in our
opacs. Does anyone know if these are stable? Some of the google print
functionalities aren't real stable at the moment, particularly the find in
a library function was problematic for me. And at least one of these
titles did not show a "find this book in a library" link to Open WorldCat.�
These are JUST from searching for public domain titles. The Records of
Living Officers of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps did not have an
OCLC/find in a library type link as far as I can tell.