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Emerald Group Publishing news of possible interest...

Chris Olson, M.L.S., M.A.S.
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World's leading management journal publisher boosts holdings in

UNITED KINGDOM, October 31, 2005 -- Emerald Group Publishing Limited has
acquired four journal titles in the fields of accounting and investment.
Purchased from four different publishers, the journals offer practical
financial management advice and complement Emerald's existing portfolio of
finance, economics, and general management titles. The journals were
selected as part of an ongoing strategy of targeted acquisitions to
solidify the presence of Emerald in scholarly management publishing. All
four titles are available under the new Emerald online portal, Emerald
Management Xtra.

"The news of these four acquisitions reflects many months of hard work by
our team to scour the globe for high quality publications to add to the
Emerald portfolio. These titles further strengthen our presence as the
world's leading management journal publisher," said Cathy Mostyn, Emerald
business development director. This brings the number of Emerald
management journals to 115, and its accounting and investment portfolio to
11. In keeping with the corporate vision, Emerald management journals
consistently feature papers on how to turn theory into practice.

The new Emerald titles include:

1.) The Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change. Acquired from
Australia's Deakin University, this journal targets researchers and
practitioners. It is the international refereed journal devoted to the
advancement of the interplay between accounting and organizational change
processes. The publication is a primary source of literature on
accounting, HRM, industrial relations, strategy, and organizational

Frequency: Currently 2 issues per year. From 2006, 3 issues per year.
>From 2008, 4 issue per year.
Managing editor: Simon Linacre   Editor: Zahirul Hoque

2.) The Journal of Human Resource Costing and Accounting. Acquired from
the Personnel Economics Institute at the University of Stockholm. Covers
both human resource accounting and cost/benefit analyses of human
resources. It aims to highlight costs and revenues related to human

Frequency: Currently 2 issues per year. From 2006, 3 issues per year.
>From 2008, 4 issues per year.
Managing editor: Simon Linacre  Editor: Birgitta Olsson

3.) The Journal of Investment Compliance. Acquired from US-publisher,
Institutional Investor, Inc.  This title targets audiences ranging from
in-house and outside compliance executives to financial directors,
lawyers, and academics in economics, finance, and risk management. The
quarterly journal covers both the broker-dealer and investment advisor
ends of compliance, and the increasing intertwining of the two sides. It
offers practical analysis of issues on the regulation of investment funds
as it relates to their trading, management, custody, transfers, and
investor rules by today's top compliance practitioners.

Frequency: 4 issues per year.
Managing Editor: Anna Torrance   Editor: Henry A Davis
Consulting editor:  James A Tricarico

4.) Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management. Acquired from the
Auckland University of Technology.  The journal aims to promote an
international and interdisciplinary understanding of management,
accounting, and organizations within a global environment. It publishes
qualitative research on topics relevant to management, organization
studies, financial and management accounting, management and accounting
education, social and environmental issues, and critical and historical

Frequency: Currently 2 issues per year. From 2006, 3 issues per year.
>From 2008, 4 issues per year.
Managing editor: Simon Linacre   Editors: Deryl Northcott and Bill 

About Emerald <http://www.emeraldinsight.com>

Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd. is the leading international publisher of
academic and professional literature in the fields of management and
library and information services. Emerald is COUNTER compliant, meeting
the international code of practice for reports that allow clients to
measure usage of online information products and services according to a
standardized method. Consistently ranked at 98% in customer satisfaction
surveys, Emerald was voted "Best Customer Support" by readers of The
Charleston Advisor.

Emerald publishes over 150 peer-reviewed titles such as Management
Decision, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Documentation, Library
Hi-Tech, Journal of Knowledge Management and The TQM Magazine. Emerald's
flagship product, Emerald Management Xtra, is dedicated to the continued
development of business schools and management departments worldwide.


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Chris Olson
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