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Berkeley Electronic Press 2006 Pricing

The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) is pleased to announce its pricing
for 2006.  As has been the case since our inception in 2000, the annual
subscription rates for all our journals will remain stable.  No annual
price increases will be implemented for any of our 26 titles.  Continued
growth in the number of published journals and articles has produced a
steady drop in bepress price per page:

Price per Page, 2001: 83�
Price per Page, 2002: 61�
Price per Page, 2003: 46�
Price per Page, 2004: 41�

Visit http://www.bepress.com/crisis.html to learn about the scholarly
communication crisis and what The Berkeley Electronic Press is doing to
help.  Also see http://www.bepress.com/subscriptions.html for journal

More than 160 institutions have chosen to subscribe to the entire package
of Berkeley Electronic Press journals via the ResearchNow Full Access
collection.  ResearchNow Full Access subscriptions include unrestricted
access to the roster of peer-reviewed, Berkeley Electronic Press journals,
as well as all new journals launched during the subscription period at no
additional charge. Also included is completely unrestricted access to
working papers, preprints and other "grey literature" from participating
institutional and subject-matter repositories (of important note, these
grey literature materials may be freely accessed by any interested party
without any form of subscription).  The ResearchNow Full Access option
also includes an XML gateway - see http://researchnow.bepress.com for

All Berkeley Electronic Press licenses include unlimited simultaneous use,
perpetual access to subscribed content, IP authentication, access to all
back content, email Table of Contents alerts, and expansive use permission
across entire campuses.

The Berkeley Electronic Press publishes electronic, peer-reviewed journals
in the social sciences, law, and the sciences.  Founded by three
University of California, Berkeley professors, we are working with
institutions to reduce the costs of, and barriers to, access.