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Re: licensing small video and audio clips

For motion picture and song clips, you will definitely need permission,
and it won't be super easy getting it, esp. finding the contacts.  I have
used movie stills in our journal, and have sometimes gotten permission,
sometimes not.  Finding the right person to contact is the toughest
part--perhaps others here can offer more help!

You might be better off finding folks to sing or talk (folks within the
university) and recording them--even if you pay them and have them sign a
release, it will be less time consuming etc., I would think, than going
through the recording and movie industry permission process.

My 2 cents.


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>>> rcastiello@interfree.it 05/05/05 8:30 PM >>>
Dear collegues,

I'm working at a project aiming to create second languag teaching
materials to be used by students in learning paths over the internet. This
project is being developed withing an academc structure in Italy and has
no commercial purpose. In order to provide samples of native language
register and pronunciation, our authors want to use authentic audio and
video clips taken from motion pictures or songs. I don't have any clue on
if a using license is needed and how to abtain copyright clearence by
copyright owners. If, for example, authors want to use 3 minutes video
clip taken from a worner bros production, how can I find the contact
person to which address my request? Is there a public searchable register
of copyright owners of music and motion pictures works? Thanks in advance