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Re: Fwd: US University OA Resolutions Omit Most ImportantComponent

Someone finally said it!

I love all the rhetoric about faculty not "knowing what's good for them"
and how they simply have to be "educated" about the virtues of OA and IRs.  
Baloney.  If it was of value to them, they'd know, and they'd do.

Publishers, can we please stop kowtowing? Please?  If an author doesn't
want to sign a copyright form, doesn't want to pay subscription fees,
etc., then he/she can and should "publish" online in an OA journal or in
and IR or on a blog.  Don't ask me for peer-review, editing, etc., not to
mention the imprimatur of my journal's name (earned over decades) FOR

I usually lurk but must occassionally have these outbursts!  Jan's post
just reminded me of how much I have been reading lately about how
uninterested authors seem to be in OA (except a vocal few) and how the
response is "we must educate them."  Too funny.  Summer is upon us:  
shall we organize special camps?

Lisa (whose opinions are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of
her association as a whole)

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>>> Jan.Szczepanski@ub.gu.se 05/04/05 10:58 PM >>>

Dear Stevan,

Maybe the problem is reality.

Maybe scientists is fighting for their freedom.

Maybe scientists feel that Your alternative is taken that freedom from

Maybe their is something wrong when you make it compulsary.

In Russia under the Stalin rule many things were compulsory to force
people into the communist heaven.

Maybe scientists are sceptical when their employer makes something

Scientists just trust other scientists. That is the problem with the green

Sincerely Yours

Jan Szczepanski
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