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ASPET Makes Accepted Manuscripts Freely Accessible

Effective April 28, 2005, manuscripts accepted for publication in the
primary-research journals of The American Society for Pharmacology and
Experimental Therapeutics will be freely accessible to all.  The Journal
of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Molecular Pharmacology, and
Drug Metabolism and Disposition publish manuscripts online upon acceptance
as "Fast Forward" articles:


For all current and future "Fast Forward" articles, the final manuscript
version will remain freely accessible after the fully formatted and
copyedited version is put online.  ASPET will continue to make all of
its journals' content freely available 12 months after publication.

ASPET's Board of Publications Trustees has also modified each of the
journal's Authorship Responsibility, Financial Disclosure, and Copyright
Transfer form to let NIH-funded authors deposit their accepted manuscripts
with PubMed Central and to make them freely accessible there after 12
months.  ASPET asks NIH-funded authors to abide by this embargo period for
the PubMed Central site because the articles will be freely accessible
immediately via the journals.  All "Fast Forward" articles are indexed in
PubMed and other indexing services, so they are easily found.

The changes implemented by ASPET meet the NIH's goals of providing greater
public access to research and of allowing the NIH to better track the
results of its funding.  At the same time, the changes will contribute to
the continued viability of ASPET and its journals while providing free
access to all research articles published in ASPET's journals.

Rich Dodenhoff, Journals Director
American Society for Pharmacology and
  Experimental Therapeutics
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814-3995
301.634.7997 (p) / 301.634.7061 (f)