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Re: ArtStor license

As you probably know, ArtStor is now beginning to amend their original
license as follows:

"ARTstor would like to amend the ARTstor terms and conditions of use to
eliminate the requirement that ARTstor content be accessed only in the
physical facilities of an ARTstor participating institution when using the
ARTstor Digital Library outside of the United States.

Use of ARTstor content would still be restricted to those uses that are
strictly non-commercial in nature.  Likewise, users would still be
required to comply with the other provisions of the terms and conditions
of use (for example, no use in "publications" and no use in unrestricted
websites). But if, for example, a user wanted to make a lecture outside of
the educational facilities of a participating institution (such as at a
scholarly conference), he or she could now do so.

As you know, ARTstor seeks to be a resource that is useful to scholars,
teachers, and students worldwide.  While we initially limited distribution
to the US only, we are now in the process of distributing the resource in
Canada, and will continue to extend our outreach to additional countries.
In light of these developments, we thought it no longer made sense to
confine uses outside of the United States to those made within the
physical facilities of an educational institution (since, as noted above,
users will need to access content at conferences and other venues for
educational and scholarly purposes)."

I believe that ArtStor is in the stages many of us saw with the first
licenses for the early networked databases. We worked out some local
licensing problems with them to our satisfaction. I think more of these
restrictions, usually absent from other licenses, will be amended as
ArtStor gains more experience with users and licensing.

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David Goldsmith <david_goldsmith@ncsu.edu>@lists.yale.edu on 04/27/2005
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I am interested in hearing from members of this community who have had
problems agreeing to the ArtStor license or success in changing
problematic language. Some issues of concern:

1. The Terms and Conditions of Use statement and the Privacy Policy can be
unilaterally changed at anytime by ArtStor. If we do not agree with the
changes, the only recourse is to cancel the product.

2. The use in foreign countries restriction.

3. Use is prohibited in unrestricted ETDs

Any input or comments would be appreciated.

David Goldsmith

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