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Re: Licensing for Joint Degrees

As promised, I will summarize responses to this request.

I had two responses: One respondent allowed access to all electronic
resources for a small number of students in a joint degree program when
they were attending and paying tuition to the other school.  Their
licenses included these students. The partner in the joint program did not
allow access when the situation was reversed.

The second respondent part of a joint degree program approached vendors as
a consortia instead of individually for a group license for specific
products.  Access to all products was not granted to all students in the joint programs.


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>>> carroldi@ohsu.edu 01/13/05 7:09 PM >>>

Dear Liblicense,

Have any of you negotiated databases and ejournal agreements for Joint
Degree programs?  This is a situation where students and faculty are
located at two institutions and the degree is granted from both
institutions.  Students spend two years at each place but tuition flows to
only one school. (This is not a joint program where some teaching and
classes are shared - but rather a formally recognized Joint Degree).

As state budgets decrease, I see more cooperative degree programs
developing. Do you allow remote access to students and faculty at other
institutions for which you have joint degrees even if no tuition is being
paid to your institution?  How do you define your authorized users and
amend licenses to include these individuals?

Please respond to me via e-mail or send your name and phone so I could
give you a call.  I would then summarize the issues for the list.