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Archival access to e-journals

* Apologies for cross-posting *

I'm writing an article on archival/perpetual access to cancelled
e-journals and I'd like to hear your opinions, policies and practices
regarding this subject.

- How important is archival access to you when deciding whether or not to
subscribe to e-journals?

- Do you require archival access as part of your license agreement for
e-journals? If not, did you make a conscious decision not to require it,
or has the issue just not come up?

- When subscribing to e-journals, do you also subscribe to the print
version so as to have an archive of the title, in case you have to cancel
the subscription?

- Do you currently have archival access to e-journals you've cancelled?
What format is the access -- e.g. online, CD-ROM, tapes? How's that
working for you?

- If you completely lost access to any e-journals due to cancellation, did
your patrons complain about the lack of archival access?

- Are you using LOCKSS? If so, is it hard to get vendors to allow you to
use it to archive their content? Have you used it to access cancelled

- I haven't seen much written on this topic recently. Have you seen any
articles on archival/perpetual access that you would recommend?

I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me with your comments and
input at jwatso21@utmem.edu. I'll be happy to summarize the results for
the list.

Thanks for your help.

Jennifer Watson
Electronic Services Librarian
University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis