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Re: Eureka! re Stern Open Access Article in InfoToday (fwd)


On Apr 4, 2005, at 7:30 PM, heatherm@eln.bc.ca wrote:

If a group of about 200 libraries joined together to support an OA
Physical Review B (using David's calculations), at a cost of a little
over $2,000 a year.  If Yale joined this group, they would enjoy 75%
savings from their current subscription costs!
I am not sure what calculation David did, but Phys. Rev. B published over
4700 papers in 2003 and it cost us almost $2000 per published paper to do
so. So it would take a lot more than 200 libraries at $2000/year to
support PRB.


Mark Doyle
Assistant Director, Journal Information Systems
The American Physical Society