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Re: DOAJ update

The new additions are actually relatively rarely new journals - more often
it's simply that DOAJ has just caught up with them, or they with it. It
is important not to confuse the rate at which journals are added to DOAJ
with the launch rate of new OA journals

Sally Morris, Chief Executive
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
E-mail: sally.morris@alpsp.org

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Many thanks for this, Sally - it's no wonder the DOAJ is so very busy,
there are so many new open access journals all the time. New OA titles
that meet the strict DOAJ criteria, I see, are now being added at the
rate of more than 1 per day (42 in the last month, according to the DOAJ
website today). DOAJ's careful selection and addition of this many
titles in this time period is quite an accomplishment, since OA is a
worldwide phenomenon and the new additions are in several languages. I'm sure DOAJ can use all the help and feedback from users they can get.

Kudos to Lotte & DOAJ for all their work on this remarkable resource!


Heather Morrison