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AIP Wants Payment on Time

To all:

I am writing an article concerning an item that appeared in Library
Journal online today:


Citing divine, AIP Wants Payment On Time

If libraries want their 2005 subscriptions from the American Institute of
Physics (AIP) to go uninterrupted, AIP has a simple suggestion--pay your
invoice promptly. In an email message sent to academic libraries, AIP
officials, citing the 2003 collapse of divine, Inc.'s RoweCom/Faxon
subscription service, said that 2005 issues of AIP journals will not be
shipped until AIP has received payment. AIP is an umbrella organization of
10 scientific societies, publishing over 100 journals as well as books and

AIP circulation director Lori Carlin did not comment on whether the memo
was prompted by recent events, such as reports of financial trouble at the
world's largest subscription agency, Swets, which has since cleared up its
accounting troubles with a capital infusion . She said the message was
related to the divine/RoweCom collapse "in that we do not foresee being
able to again provide delivery of subscriptions without receipt of
payment." Carlin said that the AIP message has caused some libraries to
make changes to their purchasing processes. "However," she added, "many
still seem to be unaware of the actions that they can and should take to
protect their monies while they are en route to publishers." Post-divine,
some libraries have requested that monies sent to subscription agents be
placed in escrow accounts or otherwise be guaranteed.


If anyone can shed some insight to the above, it would be most
appreciated. I just wrote a story for our publication, Professional
Publishing Report, concerning the latest Swets news and am wondering if,
in light of that, that AIP's directive will be seen with all societies and
commercial publishing houses. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Michele Masterson
Simba Information
Professional Publishing Report