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Computing Reviews - Press Release

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:49:46 -0400
From: Bruce Antelman <bruce@reviews.com>
Subject: Computing Reviews - Press Release

Computing Reviews has a new look:

and new features.  


Computing Reviews Releases Hot Topics

Tianjin, China Wednesday, September 22, 2004 - Today, at the Library and
Online Resources Technologies Conference, Computing Reviews announced the
release of a new section, Hot Topics. Hot Topics are review articles that
focus on emergent areas of computer science. They are the first series of
review articles to be updated on a regular basis.

Hot Topics are written by leading figures in the computer science
community. Since they are published online and updated frequently, they
reflect the rapid evolution of the computing field and keep pace with new
developments after their initial publication. In addition, they include
extensive resources, such as seminal articles, related web sites,
conferences, and laboratories. These aspects make Hot Topics an excellent
learning tool for students and allow professionals and academics to keep
up with what is new and hot in the field.

"Because computer science is such a fast-moving field, there are very few
review journals, and review articles are typically out of date before they
are published," said Bruce Antelman, President of Reviews.com. "Publishing
Hot Topics on the web and updating them regularly means that they are more
up to date than the typical review article. We think that in the future
many review journals will also be updated, but right now we don't know of
anyone else doing this."

According to Carol Hutchins, Computing Reviews' Editor-in-Chief, "The
editorial team has enjoyed the challenge of putting together the framework
behind Hot Topics. It extends the existing Computing Reviews in an
alternate direction, and at the same time, seeks to offer our readers a
bridge toward the leading edge of computing developments."

The first Hot Topic is on Overlay Networks and is written by David
Andersen of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at

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Computing Reviews readers can manage the large amounts of new material
published and identify the best new journal articles and books.  
Reviewers are experts in their fields and provide an overview and timely
commentary of the field.

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