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Blackwell Publishing Purchases Food and Nutrition Press, Inc.

Blackwell Publishing NEWS RELEASE

Media Contact:
Dawn Peters
Publicity Manager

For Immediate Release

Blackwell Publishing Purchases Food and Nutrition Press, Inc.
11 additional journals added to publisher's food science collection

Boston, Massachusetts - October 13, 2004 - Society publisher Blackwell
Publishing, announced today their purchase of Food and Nutrition Press,
Inc. The acquisition adds 11 journal titles and over 50 books to
Blackwell's food science list.  As part of the agreement, Blackwell will
now publish Foodservice Research International, Journal of Food
Biochemistry, Journal of Food Lipids, Journal of Food Process Engineering,
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, Journal of Food Quality,
Journal of Food Safety, Journal of Muscle Foods, Journal of Rapid Methods
and Automation in Microbiology, Journal of Sensory Studies, and Journal of
Texture Studies. =A0Eugene Simonoff and Associates represented Blackwell
Publishing in the transaction which was finalized on October 1, 2004 for
an undisclosed amount.

"Blackwell Publishing has invested heavily in food science and technology
over the last few years, and this represents a major step towards our goal
to be the leading publisher in this area," commented Gordon Tibbitts,
Blackwell's U.S. President. "We will work with the editors, authors, and
reviewers to enhance the quality of these journals, building upon the fine
reputation of the publications.=A0=A0 Blackwell is committed to providing
the highest-quality products that foster important interchanges among food
science researchers and technologists worldwide," affirmed Tibbitts. In
addition to print copies, the journals will soon be available in
electronic versions via Blackwell Synergy, the company's online delivery

"After 28 years as a small publishing company, we are pleased to join a
progressive company like Blackwell Publishing, who is an international
leader in scientific book and journal publishing," said John O'Neil, Food
and Nutrition Press's Publisher.  "In my early days as an editor, I
remember the Blackwell name being held in high regard, something I've
carried with me to this day. It is this reputation of excellent service
and quality products that makes Blackwell an ideal publisher for our
editors, authors, subscribers, and associates."  The FNP Military Division
will continue to publish book titles in this subject area from its offices
in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Over 200 journals in science and professional disciplines are published by
Blackwell each year, including the International Journal of Food Science
and Technology, published in partnership with the Institute of Food
Science and Technology Trust Fund (U.K.).  A major series of food
technology book titles is jointly published by Blackwell and the
Chicago-based Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the world's largest
professional ins= titute in the field.

About Blackwell Publishing

Blackwell Publishing is the world's leading society publisher. The company
remains independent with over 900 staff members in offices in the US, UK,
Australia, China, Denmark, Japan, and Germany. Blackwell publishes over
700 journals in partnership with more than 550 academic and professional
societies. This year alone, Blackwell will publish over 600 text and
reference books across a wide range of academic and professional subjects.
Blackwell's mission as an expert publisher is to create long-term
partnerships with our clients that enhance learning, disseminate research,
and improve the quality of professional practice.  For more information on
Blackwell Publishing, please visit www.blackwellpublishing.com or

About the Journals

Foodservice Research International is edited by Professor Peter L. Bordi
from the School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Recreation Management at
Pennsylvania State University.  The journal covers subject matter in
foodservice that includes institutional, retail, catering, equipment
complexity, accounting, food safety and management, as well as food
science, biotechnology, nutrition and the food-based biological sciences.

Journal of Food Biochemistry is devoted to original research on the
effects of handling, storage and processing on the biochemistry of food
tissues and systems. The emphasis of the journal is on the description of
changes of chemical constituents, enzymes and cellular structures, and on
the mechanisms that control these events. Coverage stresses the
application and relevance of enzyme chemistry and technology, membrane
biology and chemistry, cell biology, biophysics, genetic expression, and
phytopathology to postharvest, postmortem and processing problems dealing
with food tissues.

Journal of Food Lipids provides an international forum for publication of
high-quality, original research papers covering all aspects of food
lipids.  Papers related to the chemistry, analysis, methodology,
nutrition, processing, stability and stabilization, and quality aspects of
food lipids are considered for publication. Relevant review articles in
areas, such as low calorie fats and oils, and specialty health lipids, as
well as antioxidants from natural sources are included.

Journal of Food Process Engineering covers engineering aspects of
post-production handling, storage, processing, packaging and distribution
of food. Because of the emphasis on processes and design, there is a
discussion of the properties of processed foods associated with transport
of products, as well as with food texture. Research on the thermal
properties of processed food as needed in the design of processing
equipment is emphasized. Process engineering operations, such as freezing,
evaporation, dehydration, equilibrium and mechanical separation, and
packaging, as well as equipment cleaning and sanitation are described.

Journal of Food Processing and Preservation focuses on the physical and
chemical properties and engineering data of food materials.  There is
discussion on the latest knowledge and advances in processing and
preservation with a balance between fundamental aspects and applied food
processing procedures. As needed, material on current legislation
involving changes in food processing and preservation practices is

Journal of Food Quality discusses statistical interpretation of quality
control data, and new original techniques for measuring various quality
attributes. There is coverage of good manufacturing practices, hazard
analysis, critical control points, methodology for monitoring nutritional
quality, environmental factors affecting food quality, techniques used in
sanitation audits, and the impact of present and proposed regulations in
the U.S. and abroad on the quality of the food supply.

Journal of Food Safety encompasses the microbiological areas of food
safety, and places emphasis on mechanistic studies involving inhibition,
injury and metabolism of food poisoning microorganisms, and the regulation
of growth and toxin production in both model systems and complex food
substrates. Results of research involving food safety of viruses, fungi
and bacteria are published. Research relating to food-borne parasites and
factors affecting their development, transmission, control, destruction
and detection are described.

Journal of Muscle Foods contains research and review manuscripts related
to beef, lamb, veal, pork, seafood, poultry and muscle of other species
that are consumed by humans. Material on the basic and applied science of
muscle foods is presented. The journal is international in scope through
members of the editorial board and origin of published papers.

Journal of Rapid Methods and Automation in Microbiology involves any area
of rapid isolation, detection, enumeration, and identification of
microorganisms by microbiological, chemical, biochemical, biophysical,
immunological and serological methods in food, water, and industrial and
environmental samples. A major objective of this journal is to provide a
forum for microbiologists to publish new methods quickly.

Journal of Sensory Studies discusses the technical and practical
advancements of sensory evaluation of foods, personal care, material
research, clinical research, and related areas. There is also discussion
of new developments in sensory methods, consumer testing, experimental
design, data analysis, scaling, psychophysics, and computer applications.  
According to Food Technology, Nov. 1986, "The Journal of Sensory Studies
is a must for university libraries, progressive industrial laboratories,
and serious sensory professionals."

Journal of Texture Studies is recognized worldwide as the authoritative
publication in food texture, covering textural subjects for those
interested in texture as part of commodity work and for rheologists
attempting to relate fundamental measurements to textural attributes.
Occasionally special issues highlighting important topics are published.
Previously published special issues include texture profiling, textured
proteins, and fruit texture. The journal contains research papers,
research notes, review papers, discussion papers and book reviews


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