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October issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter

* Announcement [cross-posted] *

Yesterday I mailed the October issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter. In addition to the usual round-up of news from the past month, it takes a
close look at the September activity on the NIH open-access plan. It
reprints fascinating excerpts from an ancestral version of the open-access
debate 30 years ago, when the disruptive technology was not the internet
but photocopying machines. For no reason except maybe the fall colors, it
also offers a haiku introduction to open access.

October issue http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/newsletter/10-02-04.htm

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Peter Suber
Open Access Project Director, Public Knowledge
Research Professor of Philosophy, Earlham College
Author, SPARC Open Access Newsletter
Editor, Open Access News blog