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Re: Please Register All OA Institutional Archives

           **apologies for cross-posting*

    Prior AmSci Topic Thread:
    "Please Register All OA Institutional Archives"
On Sun, 3 Oct 2004, Jan Velterop wrote:

> There is this beautiful statistic of how many publishers allow, in  
> various shades and colours, self-archiving. 


> Is there information  available about how many, what percentage,
> or which institutes actually have an (active, i.e. not shelved) open
> institutional archive for self-archiving? Having that information could
> help enormously in the campaign to speed up open access. Any pointers
> to such information?

Yes, there certainly is! There is the Institutional Archives Registry
(created and maintained by Tim Brody at Southampton), which lists OAI
archives not only by country and archive type and software used
but also the content size and growth curves for each individual archive
as well as the total growth rate for archives and contents across all
the OAI archives

All institutions are strongly encouraged to register their OAI archives at:
and to make sure their archive has an OAI-PMH interface so its content
size can be harvested and counted by

They are also encouraged to declare and share their institutional
self-archiving policy at:

Stevan Harnad