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Re: Springer blasts Open Choice criticism

Thanks, Sally!

If anyone has data about the number of hours per rejected article and/or the percentage of time on a rejected as opposed to an accepted article, please let me know.

Every bit of information will help me in my next estimate of the costs of producing a high-end STM article.

Items such as salaries, office rental costs, etc., will of course vary by location.

Here's a thought: much of the publishing industry is concentrated in large cities like New York, is it not? These locations have the highest real estate prices and costs of living going, right?

Perhaps there are some aspects of the work that could be moved to smaller, more affordable communities. Why wouldn't a freelance editor work from home - in a small community where owning a home large enough to accomodate a home office is feasible?

Thanks also to everyone else who is helping me with my estimate, on and off list.



On 1-Oct-04, at 2:01 PM, Sally Morris ((ALPSP)) wrote:

Unless I've missed it, you have not made allowance for rejection rate (for a good quality journal, that would be at least 50% in most disciplines). Processing up to the point of rejection/withdrawal therefore needs to take place for at least 1440 articles a year

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