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Knowledge@Wharton to Reach Chinese Readers

Knowledge@Wharton to Reach Chinese Readers (registration is free).

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announced that
Knowledge@Wharton, the online business analysis and research journal of
the Wharton School, will soon be available to Chinese readers. A Chinese
version of Knowledge@Wharton will be launched to reach management leaders
in China as well as Chinese-reading populations worldwide. In addition,
Knowledge@Wharton and Boston Consulting Group have entered a partnership
to create four special reports on China.

The Chinese version of Knowledge@Wharton, which will be launched in early
2005, will provide articles and research papers in its database from
existing Knowledge@Wharton content as well as articles uniquely created
for the new version. It will be funded by donations as well as corporate
sponsorships. The Chinese version will be announced during Wharton's
Global Alumni Forum in Shanghai, which was held June 3-6. This will be the
fourth language in which Knowledge@Wharton publishes content. In addition
to English, it currently publishes in Spanish and Portuguese.  Prior to
the launch of the Chinese version, four BCG/Knowledge@Wharton China
Reports will be published by Knowledge@Wharton in English and Chinese.
Topics include how China affects the global supply chain, the risks of
doing business in China, and a look at global multinational corporations
in China. The first report, titled "China and the New Rules for Global
Business," focuses on strategic and operational questions. It includes
articles about opportunities and threats that global firms face in China;
an analysis of how sourcing production in China compares with the rest of
the world; and the challenges that big banks face in China, among other
topics.  The announcement of the Chinese version of Knowledge@Wharton and
the BCG/Knowledge@Wharton China Reports coincides with Knowledge@Wharton's
fifth anniversary. Since it was launched in May 1999, Knowledge@Wharton
has grown to over 400,000 subscribers in 189 countries.  The Chinese
version and the BCG/Wharton China Reports are an exciting opportunity for
Wharton to disseminate knowledge about this very important region to
readers around the world, said Patrick T. Harker, dean of the Wharton
School. We are excited to be working with The Boston Consulting Group,
which shares our goal of advancing global business practice by delivering
cutting-edge knowledge to business leaders. The ability to reach Chinese
executives is a timely celebration of the success and growth of
Knowledge@Wharton over the past five years. Mukul Pandya, director and
editor of Knowledge@Wharton, stated, This is the right time for
Knowledge@Wharton to focus on China. Companies all around the world are
looking for credible business insights about that country, while Chinese
firms are exploring ways to expand globally. This endeavor will address
both those needs. Wharton alumnus Hal Sirkin, a senior vice president at
BCG and leader of the firm's Operations Practice, added that for many
companies, China has risen to the top of the management agenda. Today, in
many industries, operating in China is no longer just an option to
consider. it is an imperative if they are to remain competitive. Companies
need to move quickly, yet many questions and risks remain. We are thrilled
to work together with Wharton on this important effort.

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