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ALA Orlando Program June 27th: Open Accces, Open Minds with Lawrence Lessig

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Open Access, Open Minds:  Emerging Trends in Information Creation,
Ownership, Dissemination and Retention

Sponsored by the AAP/ALCTS Joint Committee on Sunday, June 27, 2:00pm -
4:00pm, Convention Center, 414/AB
(With generous support from):  Penguin Books and ProQuest

Open access to scholarly literature is currently a hot topic among
librarians, publishers, and scholars alike.  But what is open access?  
Does it mean that scholarly information should be "free" or is there more
to it than that? What benefits and drawbacks does it offer each of the
major stakeholders in the scholarly communication process?  Please join us
for a stimulating dialogue on this complex issue featuring five
outstanding speakers.


Lawrence Lessig, Founder, The Creative Commons Movement
Arie Jongejan, CEO, Science and Technology Division, Elsevier
Betsy Wilson, Director of Libraries, University of Washington
Anthony Durniak, Publications Director, IEEE
Andy Gass, Outreach Director, Public Library of Science

Moderator and Program Chair:

Adrian W. Alexander, Executive Director, Greater Western Library Alliance

For more information, contact Adrian Alexander at alexander@lindahall.org

Adrian W. Alexander, Executive Director
Greater Western Library Alliance
EMAIL: alexandera@lindahall.org
(Ms.) October Ivins, MLS
Digital Content and Access Solutions
telephone 781-793-9283 (EST)