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Re: Library Associations and Open Access

good point, Bruce!

Another version which is printable is available at <http://www.eln.bc.ca/docs/view.php?id=155>

This is a preprint-with-publication details version. The publisher
(Emerald) does very generously allow authors to reproduce, republish, or
redistribute their works in whole or in part, without requiring

My apologies for this; I hadn't checked to see if the pdf version was

There is much to learn about OA, whether of the self-archiving or other
varieties. I appreciate your drawing my attention to this, Bruce, and
will investigate better self-archiving options.


Heather Morrison

On 7-Jun-04, at 4:00 PM, Abbott, Bruce wrote:

Is it just me or do others find it ironic that the "Open Access" copy of
this article has security levels set in Adobe so that printing is not

Bruce Abbott