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ALPSP Senior Management Workshop on Open Access 01-02 July

Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 17:31:06 +0100
From: "Debbie Stoddart (ALPSP)" <marketing@alpsp.org>
Subject: ALPSP Senior Management Workshop on Open Access 01-02 July

How to Evaluate Journals as Potential Open Access Candidates 01-02 July

Facilitators: Jill Cousins, Alastair Dryburgh

What is the workshop about?

There is a lot of hype around Open Access. Publishers are asking
themselves: Should I be taking it more seriously? Is it applicable to my
journals? Can I survive the onslaught of open access? Do I need to defend
my business? Are there some business opportunities I am missing here? Can
I revitalise a flagging journal with a different business model? What are
my real options?

Under the Open Access (OA) model, research articles are free to the
reader. This requires a different business and pricing model from the
subscription/licensing model which currently dominates the academic
journal market. Advocates of Open Access are passionate evangelists for
the cause of free access to all, whereas others argue that open access
will never pay for itself and could end up costing more overall than the
current system. This workshop uses new tools and techniques, together with
some financial modelling, to determine the extent to which this brave new
world may be applicable to each delegate's business.

This practical workshop aims to give you the tools to evaluate when, and
if, you should be considering launching an Open Access journal, or
converting an existing journal or journals to an Open Access business
model. It will take you through the evaluation process and decisions that
you need to apply to your own disciplines and journals. Using three
fictitious journals and a sound analytical framework, the workshop will
demonstrate how you can arrive at different but valid decisions.

Who needs this workshop?

The workshop is intended for those who have P&L responsibility, who have
input into their organisation's strategy and are in a position to effect
change. Places are limited to 16, so please apply as soon as possible to
avoid disappointment.

To register

Please go online to: http://www.alpsp.org/training/tOAC010704.htm 
or contact Lesley Ogg on 01245 260571, email: events@alpsp.org