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Swets Opens Publisher Gateway to China

I believe this may be of interest to liblicense readers.

Lisse, The Netherlands
June 2nd 2004 

Swets Opens Publisher Gateway to China

First Subscription Agent to Offer Broadband E-Journal Portal

Swets Information Services announced today that it is the first
subscription agent to offer a broadband portal to electronic content in
China. As part of its e-journals management drive, Swets has forged a
unique deal with CERNET, the Chinese academic Internet service provider,
to provide users with rapid access to SwetsWise Online Content. Active in
the Chinese market since 1997, Swets has a widespread customer network and
the most extensive sales force among foreign suppliers.

As the Chinese STM-market is expected to expand an additional 40% during
the next three years, this exclusive Swets service offers publishers
excellent access opportunities to this market without making large
individual investments in Chinese infrastructure. The new service also
solves slow access problems and ensures that university users don't pay
additional fees when visiting sites outside of China. Swets offers
publishers Sales & Marketing support to actively promote their E-journals.
"By offering a simple and inexpensive broadband connection, Swets has made
a solid contribution in simplifying e-journal distribution among China's
1,500 universities," remarked Steven Hartman, Swets' Chief Commercial

About Swets Information Services 

Swets Information Services is one of the world's largest providers of
subscription and information management solutions. It offers a wide range
of services to its 60,000 corporate, academic, R&D, medical, and
government library and information center clients worldwide, whose ranks
include over 30% of Fortune 500 companies. Swets Information Services
works in partnership with 65,000 major publishers and suppliers of
professional information. It has annual revenues in excess of US$1 billion
and a staff of over 1,000 employees worldwide. The head office is located
in Lisse, the Netherlands, and Swets' maintains offices in 23 countries
across six continents. www.swets.com

Media Contact
Ylann Schemm, 
External Communications Executive
Swets Information Services
P.O. Box 830
2160 SZ Lisse, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 252 435 584
Fax: +31 (0) 252 435 514
Email: press@nl.swets.com