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copyright concerns?

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Dear all,
I hope I am not inviting an onslought, but I want to hear about your
copyright concerns in the cyber-environment.  I am revising a book on
copyright in cyberspace for librarians, and I want to be sure I address
the greatest concerns.  I am a previous librarian and do a good bit of
speaking on the topic, so I know both from my own experience and from the
questions I get at talks and workshops what some of the most common
concerns are, but I would appreciate your input anyway, just to be sure
I'm not missing common questions that practicing librarians have.  What
questions about copyright in the cyberworld do you have?!
Thanks for your help -- my ultimate goal is to return the assistance, of
Gretchen McCord Hoffmann
Attorney at Law 
Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.