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Re: What are the Key Library Issues?

It has been put to me in the past that for some libraries RELIABILITY is the
major issue.

Anthony Watkinson

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Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 5:29 PM
Subject: What are the Key Library Issues? (fwd)

> Dear Colleagues,
> We would like to know what you think are the most important issues for
> libraries that have implications for publishers.  ALPSP is holding a
> seminar for publishers on "Understanding Libraries: how they work and what
> they want" in London in April.  It will conclude with a discussion session
> on key library issues.  To prepare for it, we want to do a quick poll to
> find out what librarians think the most important issues are.
> Below is a list of possible issues with implications for publishers.
> Simply rank the 5 you feel are most important by placing 1, 2, 3, etc next
> to the item (where 1 = most important and 5 = least important).
> Then forward the email to c.baldwin@dial.pipex.com
> [mailto:c.baldwin@dial.pipex.com].  Please feel free to explain why you
> feel they are important.  The results of the poll will be presented at the
> seminar, and the discussion session will focus on the top ranked issues.
>       Big Deals
>       E-books
>       Electronic archiving
>       Electronic backfiles, publisher policies on creation and access
>       Institutional e-print repositories
>       Intermediaries and their role in content provision
>       Open access
>       Resource discovery software
>       Usability issues for information products
>       Usage statistics, e.g. publishers supply them to agreed standards
>         (COUNTER)
> If you are not familiar with ALPSP, it's the organization that represents
> not-for-profit publishers worldwide and presents seminars on a wide range
> of publishing issues.  This seminar will be unique for ALPSP in that all
> of the presentations will be by librarians.  We hope it will improve
> understanding and communication between publishers and librarians.  More
> details about ALPSP are at http://www.alpsp.org and the seminar at
> http://www.alpsp.org/events/s210404.htm.
> Many thanks in advance
> Hazel Woodward, University Librarian, Cranfield University
> Ian Bannerman, Blackwell Publishing
> Christine Baldwin, ALPSP Professional Development Committee