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New Features Now Available with AIP*s Scitation Platform

Please excuse cross-posting

January 29, 2004

Dear Colleagues:

AIP has retooled and relaunched its online journal hosting platform.
Formerly known as the Online Journal Publishing Service (OJPS), Scitation
now includes upgraded capabilities and a number of powerful new features
designed with the researcher in mind. Scitation currently hosts 114
publications from 18 publishers, including those from AIP Member and
Affiliated Societies. Please visit www.scitation.org to view the complete
list of hosted journals.

All users of Scitation-hosted journals may now take advantage of the
following new features:

o Citation manager - This feature allows easy download of properly
  formatted reference citations of any article on Scitation.
o Author quick search - Author names throughout Scitation are clickable,
  allowing researchers to execute a fast search for other articles by 
  that author.
o Fast issue search - Every table of contents on Scitation features a
  link enabling a quick search of that issue.

In addition, Scitation now offers a free suite of services that lets users
customize the site to their own needs. All they need do is register their
name, e-mail address, and affiliation to begin using the following

o MyArticles - Formerly Article Collection, MyArticles still allows users
  to collect groups of their favorite articles. Now they can do even more,
  including sharing article collections with colleagues and enjoying 
  easier management of multiple collections.
o MyPublications  - This feature offers quick access to the journals a 
  user needs to access frequently. They can add journals to MyPublications 
  and easily delete them when no longer needed. 
o MySubscriptions - Here users will find a convenient list of all 
  Scitation publications to which they have access through either 
  personal or institutional subscriptions. It is automatically updated 
  whenever new subscriptions are added or when subscriptions expire.

Important Information Regarding URLs

The URLs for journals hosted on Scitation have changed, but any existing
links you have built will continue to function for the remainder of 2004.
Should you wish to update your journal links at this time, please visit
http://librarians.aip.org/scitationlist.html for a complete list of new

We hope that your patrons will find these new features valuable. Please
feel free to contact us at onlinehelp@aip.org with any questions or


Christine Orr
Marketing Manager
American Institute of Physics
Melville, NY USA
Tel: +1.516.576.2484
Email: corr@aip.org