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Re: Request for 2004 list prices for EMBO Journal in USD

Now this is getting complicated (as usual, *sigh*). 
Apparently, NPG used a 3 Tier model

Small (1-2,999): $2,250
Medium (3,000-11,999): $3,000
Large (12,000-20,000): $3,600

(closely following corresponding FTE ranges for the Nature Research and
Review Journals) until late September 2003 and then switched over to the 
new 5 Tier model mentioned below that will also hold for the Nature 
Research and Review Journals from 2004 on (if your institution renewed 
its site licenses for the Nature Journals under the old model, be 
prepared for big price increases next year. More on that later.) 
So please send me info on your EMBO quotes if they do NOT fit into the 
no longer valid 3 tier model given above. (Another scheme seems to have 
been used for research institutes, where the relevant FTE bands seem to 
have been scaled down to 1-100, 101-500, 501-1000 R&D FTE.) 

My current guess is (Print incl. Online, resp. E-only), 
FTE ranges for Academic Institutions (Research Institutes):

   1-  499 (  1- 100)	$2250 $2025
 500- 1999 (101- 500)	$3000 $2775
2000- 5000 (501-1000)	$3600 $3375
5001-10000		$4165 $3940
     10000+		$5500 $5275

Bernd-Christoph Kaemper, Stuttgart University Library

Michelle Kraft wrote:

> Our library falls within the 500-1999 FTE's.  Our price quote for EMBO and
> EMBO Reports was print plus online cost $2250. The online only cost is
> $2025.  There was no print only option.
> ___________________
> Michelle Kraft
> kraftm@ccf.org
> >>> kaemper@ub.uni-stuttgart.de 01/23/04 05:43PM >>>
> Dear All,
> Given the letter of Prof Frank Gannon, and his talking about less than 5%
> increase in their costs, I feel it's high time to bring transparency into
> pricing of the EMBO package, especially in comparison with former prices
> at OUP (which I have already compiled).
> Unfortunately, NPG hasn't published these prices. For 2004, I do have the
> figures in GBP, but not in USD. Please send me the list prices offered to
> you privatim, and I will take all responsibility to compile these figures
> into a comprehensive table.
> Please indicate whether the price quoted was for Print incl Online, or
> Online only, and into which of the following FTE bands your institution
> would fall (NPG asked for the Sciences FTE, based on the FTE (full-time
> equivalent) figure for all science faculties (excluding Mathematics,
> Engineering and Computer Science) for academic institutions, and on the
> FTE staff figure of all R&D (research and development) staff within the
> institute for all corporate, government and research institutes:
> 1-499
> 500-1999
> 2000-5000
> 5001-10000
> 10000+
> For universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I will be able to
> check historical subscription patterns of libraries and thus check Prof
> Gannon's assertions of "dramatic" savings made by libraries in recent
> years. Personal subscriptions is quite a different matter, but he has not
> referred to those but to library subscriptions.
> By the way, EMBO Journal has page charges of 120 GBP ($200) for each page
> in excess of 6 pages - these were the figures in 2002. Could someone
> please check a print issue of 2003, and the latest print issue from
> January 2004 (this info used to be given at the end of the Tables of
> Contents page)?
> Thank you very much in advance,
> Bernd-Christoph Kaemper, Stuttgart University Library
> ___