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How can a Public Affairs office use e-journals?

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:45:13 EST
From: akraemer@mcw.edu
To: aokerson@pantheon.yale.edu, ann.okerson@yale.edu

"How can a Public Affairs office use e-journals?"

Here is a question from our Public Affairs office:

"If I were to get the article from the list of electronic journals from
the library site, can I forward that article in its entirety to the
reporters/editors, along with a synopsis that we write in lay

The purpose would be to highlight research projects at an institution in
the media. It is common for academic Public Affairs depts to work with
local or national media on news items related to research done at the
institution. I would tend to believe that most publisher would welcome the
PR for the journals that would be mentioned in such news items, but I
don't feel comfortable advising our Public Affairs office to sent e.g.
pdfs of articles from a licensed ejournal to e.g. a news reporter.
Certainly, many licenses include wording that allows the use of the
licensed electronic resource by authorized user for many job-related

I wonder how other participants of this listserv -including publisher
reps- would view this issue?

Thank you.


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