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Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter promotion

(cross-posted to several lists; kindly excuse duplications)

Dear Listmembers,

It's hard to believe that The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter: For
Libraries, Archives & Museums is now entering into its 8th year of
publication.  What began as a germ of an idea around a kitchen table in
Toronto in 1997 is now being published out of Washington DC with
contributors and subscribers from 20 countries. This is a one-of-a-kind
print newsletter that keeps readers informed of copyright law developments
and practical ways to deal with copyright issues. The Newsletter is geared
to those who work in libraries, archives, museums, corporations,
educational institutions, governments and law firms.

This 12-page quarterly print Newsletter, supplemented with frequent e-mail
updates, is edited by copyright and licensing lawyer Lesley Ellen Harris,
author of several copyright books, the most recent being Digital
Licensing: A Practical Guide for Librarians (ALA Editions).

For further information or for a free sample copy, see
http://copyrightlaws.com or email:

Kim Nayyer