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ALPSP Training: Electronic Publishing Strategy

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Electronic Publishing Strategy

02 March 2004     Level 2     Course code: EPS0304

Course tutors: Mary Waltham, Publishing Consultant John Haynes, Head of
Business Development, Institute of Physics Publishing

The King's Fund, 11-13 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0AN 

Course Overview

This course focuses on the central strategic questions of relevance to
publishers of electronic journals and other products. Participants have
the opportunity to analyse current trends, and to review the key issues
that drive online strategy. The wide range of different business models
now in place are outlined and critiqued from a publisher's perspective.  
By the end of the course participants will understand their options for
electronic publication. While the emphasis is on journals, other media are
integrated and included as appropriate to the delegates' needs.

Course Focus

a.. What is happening in electronic publishing? An overview of current 
trends world-wide, including access and pricing models

b.. Factors to consider in determining your electronic strategy: Why are
you publishing electronically? What are you selling, to whom and how? What
do your customers want? How much are you prepared to pay for your online
presence? What is your linking strategy?

c.. Case study: online strategy and development plan for a learned 
society publisher

d.. Developing your strategy for building online business relationships

e.. Options - your main strategic choices

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Journal Publishers with at least 2 years'
experience, who have responsibility for their publications' financial
contribution and who are interested in developing their electronic journal

To register online: www.alpsp.org/training/tEPS020304

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