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Administrivia: virus warning for list

Dear liblicense-l friends:

This evening some/many/most/all of this list's subscribers received a
message (or more) "as if" from me, with the subject header "hi."  Those
who have virus-catchers or are naturally suspicious were, fortunately,
prevented from opening said message(s).

Please do not open any message with this header that looks as if it comes
from the list or from me at any Yale address.

Please note that I did NOT send this message or messages. Yale's listproc
software did not send out the message.  This is some form of malicious
address faking or mimicking, with a nasty bug attached.  The matter has
already been referred to Yale ITS support to see if we can track the
source of the problem, but it seems highly unlikely that this can be done.  

Unfortunately we live in complicated and ickky times....

Our deepest apologies for this event.  Thank you, Ann Okerson