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Legal Deposit - 6 February 2004

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:56:21 -0000
From: Debbie Stoddart <marketing@alpsp.org>
Subject: Legal Deposit - 6 February 2004

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ALPSP Briefing:  Legal Deposit

06 February 2004 (2.30 - 4.45 pm) Chair: Chris Fell, Cambridge University

In the UK, publishers have been obliged under the 1911 Copyright Act to
deposit one copy of each print publication with the British Library -
additional copies must be deposited with the 5 other deposit libraries on
request.  The Legal Deposit Libraries Bill which comes into force in late
2003 brings the legislation up to date by making it possible to introduce
a similar requirement for electronic publications - one publication type
at a time.

This briefing meeting provides publishers with an insight into the new
legislation;  how it came about, what it does and doesn't mean, and what
the implications are for publishers.  There will be plenty of time to
address questions to our expert speakers.

Focus: The new legislation and its implications for publishers 

Venue: Kings Fund, (room 7), 11-13 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0AN (map)

To register online: http://www.alpsp.org/events/b060204.htm

Fees: (excluding VAT)

ALPSP members: �60.00 Academic: �70.00 SSP/SFEP freelance members: �80.00
Non-members: �95.00

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