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The Library Journal reviews the SAGE Full-Text Collections

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 17:31:44 -0000
From: "Chapuis, Karine" <karine.chapuis@sagepub.co.uk>
Subject: The Library Journal reviews the SAGE Full-Text Collections

Good morning Ann - pls find below our latest news release, which may be of
interest to the readers of Liblicense. The actual reviews are available at


For immediate release:

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"SAGE's content and CSA's powerful interface have created a sophisticated
tool that will serve ... scholars very well."  -- Library Journal, October

Thousand Oaks, Calif., November, 2003 - Reviewers from the esteemed
Library Journal, the oldest independent national library publication, have
given the SAGE Full-Text Collections outstanding marks and recommend each
of the database sets - Communication Studies; Criminology; Politics and
International Relations; and Sociology - to libraries supporting research
in the social sciences.

Launched earlier this year in conjunction with Cambridge Scientific
Abstracts (CSA), SAGE Full-Text Collections are comprehensive research
databases that make it easy to tap into and organize the immense amount of
quality research articles provided by SAGE journals.

Offering full-text up-to-date articles as well as containing a significant
amount of backfiles, SAGE Full-Text Collections were met enthusiastically
by library resource reviewers.

Communication Studies "This is a potential boon for librarians with
diminishing shelf space or that need to support distance learning
programs... Communication Studies provides full-text access to
peer-reviewed SAGE journals while the CSA IDS interface offers easy
searching for the novice and additional features for serious researchers.
Recommended for academic and special libraries supporting research in the
social sciences as well as those supporting distance education programs. "
-Library Journal, October 1, 2003

Criminology "Criminology database holds and extensive collection of
journals relating to criminal justice, crime and delinquency, violence,
abuse, child maltreatment, and public policy... The database is well
organized and the web site easy to use... SAGE Full-Text Collection:
Criminology is strongly recommended for public, academic, and special
libraries serving criminology, criminal justice, law enforcement
researchers, and students and correctional systems." -Library Journal,
August 2003

Politics and International Relations "Politics and International Relations
includes 19 journals covering politics and international affairs, six of
which are from their first issue forward. Back files extend for as long as
SAGE has published each title... Politics and International Relations is
recommended for academic libraries supporting a strong political science
department." -Library Journal, September 1, 2003

Sociology "I was especially impressed by the Full Text and TOC links...
Some references included links to abstracts and other articles in the
Full-Text Collection where the record is cited; these are good ways for
searchers to see the "threads" connecting their research... Sociology is
recommended for academic, special, and public libraries serving these
researchers." -Library Journal, September 15, 2003

Using the same state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly approach, two
new research databases will be added to the SAGE Full-Text Collections in
early 2004: Education and Psychology.

By tapping into SAGE Full-Text Collections, faculty and students can 

* Access the full text of more than 125 peer-reviewed journals from the
library, the campus office, or from a home computer.

* Search across current content and up to 20 years of backfiles.

* View the full text of citing articles.

* Create electronic course pack and reading lists.

* Receive alerts on saved searches or new issues of selected titles.


About SAGE

SAGE Publications is a leading international publisher of journals, books,
and electronic material for academic, educational and professional
markets. Since 1965, SAGE has helped inform and educate a global community
of scholars, practitioners, researchers and students. SAGE Publications, a
privately owned corporation, has principal offices in Thousand Oaks,
California, and in London, England.

SAGE Publications supports Book Aid International, the Journal Donation
Project and the World Health Organisation HINARI initiative.

SAGE Publications is a member of CrossRef.


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