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Retrodigitization of "Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society"

"Hindawi Publishing Corporation" is pleased to announce the
retrodigitization of "Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society." DDNS has
been published by G&B during 1995-2001 and T&F during 2002 and is now
published by Hindawi. The journal web site is http://ddns.hindawi.com.

DDNS is the 4th journal retrodigitized by Hindawi once being acquired. The
first three are "International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical
Sciences" (1978-present), "International Mathematics Research Notices" (1991-present), and "Mathematical Problems in Engineering" (1995-present).

DDNS will be freely available online during 2004. Starting with 2005,
online access will be restricted to the journal subscribers.

Best regards,

--Ahmed Hindawi