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IngentaSelect usage stats

I recently downloaded our library's usage statisticss from IngentaSelect
(standard statistics, not the advanced statistics). I had to inquire from
IngentaSelect's help desk why many titles had "n/a" listed instead of a
number or even zero. I was informed that this occurs for titles where the
publisher has not agreed to their journal being included in the
statistical reporting. Here is a breakdown of the number of times various
publishers occured in our statistics:

Taylor & Francis (all imprints): 35
BMJ Publishing: 6
Sage: 3
Oxford University Press: 1
Duke University Press: 1
British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint surgery: 1

Can anyone explain why publishers would not want us to have statistics on how often their journals are used?

Mark Funk
Head, Collection Development
Weill Cornell Medical Library
1300 York Avenue
New York, NY 10021