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Dear Lesley, We just got IFS Online and this is what I sent them:

http://library.lib.binghamton.edu/webdocs/techproblems.html#buonly (the
section on the left)

When patrons access e-resources through our catalog, they are forced
through a pop-up window that contains the same statement.

It isn't really a policy, but it's what we have, and I haven't heard any
objections yet.

I have had one other request for this kind of policy, and I think it came
from Blackwell Publishing.


Abigail Bordeaux
Electronic Resources Access Librarian
Binghamton University Libraries
PO Box 6012 / Vestal Parkway E.
Binghamton, NY  13902-6012

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> I am fairly new to this List and am wondering whether it is the right
> place for me to ask such a humdrum question.
> My question is prompted by the International Monetary Fund's licence
> agreement for International Financial Statistics Online. Unlike any of
> our other database suppliers, they require us to submit, as part of the
> licence agreement, documents evidencing, not merely our copyright 
> policy, but our copyright enforcement policy.
> This University is in the process of drawing up an Academic Honesty
> policy, and I think copyright observance could well be included under 
> that heading.  I am also a member of a very recently formed Copyright
> Compliance Guidelines Committee set up by our Dean.  Can anyone point me
> to copyright enforcement measures used by other universities, in
> connection with databases?
> Many thanks,
> Lesley Tweddle
> ltweddle@aucegypt.edu, tel. 797-6912
> American University in Cairo - Libraries & Learning Technologies.