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Good morning.

I am fairly new to this List and am wondering whether it is the right
place for me to ask such a humdrum question.

My question is prompted by the International Monetary Fund's licence
agreement for International Financial Statistics Online.  Unlike any of
our other database suppliers, they require us to submit, as part of the
licence agreement, documents evidencing, not merely our copyright policy,
but our copyright enforcement policy.

This University is in the process of drawing up an Academic Honesty
policy, and I think copyright observance could well be included under that
heading.  I am also a member of a very recently formed Copyright
Compliance Guidelines Committee set up by our Dean.  Can anyone point me
to copyright enforcement measures used by other universities, in
connection with databases?

Many thanks,
Lesley Tweddle
ltweddle@aucegypt.edu, tel. 797-6912

Head, Serials Department, 
American University in Cairo - Libraries & Learning Technologies.
American University in Cairo, Library - Serials, 11 Youssef el-Guindy
Street, Bab el-Louk, Cairo, Egypt.
FAX 792-3824.  International dialling code from USA 011-202; from UK