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Open Access and Institutional Repositories

Aside from the author payment model, there is another open access model
that also involves shifting the economics from purchase to production that
seems to be missing from the discussion, that is the institutional
repository model.

Some advantages of this model are that it is in the institution's own
interest to ensure archiving and ongoing access to the publications of its
own faculty.  It also makes it easier for authors who may not be as well
funded to get published; I suspect that research grants are not necessarly
equally generous (or even available) in all areas of the world, all
disciplines, or even all areas within a given discipline.

Until there are proven models for open access, it may be a good thing in
the short term if a number of people are trying out different approaches.  
This is confusing in the short term, but in the long term, the more ideas,
the more likely it is that the result will be one or more workable and
sustainable open access models.

a personal opinion by,
Heather Grace Morrison