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xreferplus Adds Bridgeman Art Library Images

xreferplus Adds Bridgeman Art Library Images
Online reference service to include 16,000 art images

BOSTON, MA, July 10, 2003--xrefer, an online ready reference service that
provides full-text, aggregated content to academic, public and corporate
libraries, announced today that it is adding 16,000 digital images from
the Bridgeman Art Library (www.bridgeman.co.uk) to xreferplus, its
flagship online reference service.  The addition of the Bridgeman
collection brings the total number of images available in xreferplus to

Bridgeman Art Library images will be integrated with xreferplus' existing
content, enabling users to research artists' works in the context of
biographical or historical information from other xreferplus resources.

xreferplus features content from over 150 respected reference books. Using
proprietary cross-referencing technology, its 1.25 million entries, 66,000
images and 76,000 audio files cut across topics, titles and publishers,
providing users with contextual and accurate answers to their research

Van Gogh, Velasquez and Gustav Klimt are just a few of the 4,800 artists
whose works feature in the Bridgeman collection, which is equivalent in
size to a 10-volume art reference book.  The collection includes
paintings, sculpture and other works of art, and will be available to all
xreferplus subscribers.

Adam Hodgkin, Managing Director of xrefer, said of the new partnership,
"The Bridgeman collection, together with the existing art historical
reference material in xreferplus, makes our service a formidable reference
resource for the study of art.  We're delighted to have begun this
collaboration with the prestigious Bridgeman Art Library."


About xrefer

xrefer (www.xrefer.com) delivers technology-enhanced online reference
services to libraries and their users worldwide.  The company's fully
customizable subscription service, xreferplus, features full-text,
aggregated and integrated content from over 150 reference books and 27
book publishers.  xreferplus adds value with its proprietary
cross-reference technology that cuts across a broad array of topics,
titles and publishers.  A privately-held corporation, xrefer was founded
in London, U.K. in September 1999 and has its North American headquarters
in Boston, Massachusetts.

For more information contact Ellen McCullough, Marketing Director of
xrefer, at (617) 426-5710, by fax, (617) 426-3103, or by e-mail,