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SPARC Open Access Newsletter


The Free Online Scholarship (FOS) Newsletter, dormant since September
2002, has been restarted as the monthly SPARC Open Access Newsletter
(SOAN). It will continue to be written by Peter Suber and will offer news
and analysis of the open-access movement -- the worldwide effort to
disseminate scientific and scholarly research literature online, free of
charge and free of unnecessary licensing restrictions. Also, the FOS Forum
has become SPARC Open Access Forum.

The first newsletter issue under the new name covers, among other things, Rep. Martin Sabo's Public Access to Science Act, the threat to open access from spam remedies, and background on the revival of the newsletter. It is available online at <https://mx2.arl.org/Lists/SPARC-OANews/Message/95.html>. All subscribers to the FOS newsletter and forum are automatically subscribers to the new SPARC editions. If you you are not already a subscriber, sign up for the free newsletter and/or forum at <http://www.arl.org/sparc/soa/index.html>.

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