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Announcement from Kluwer- For Immediate Release 5/6/03

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 11:13:35 -0400 
From: Christian Alongi <Christian.Alongi@wkap.com>
Subject: RE: Announcement from Kluwer- For Immediate Release 5/6/03

For Immediate Release

Contact Information: 
Alexandra Blondel

New Electronic Content Brings More Quality Products on Kluwer Online

NEW YORK, NY - May 6, 2003 - Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) today
announced that it has added new Custom Books and eBooks to its digital
library via the Kluwer Online electronic gateway.  The additions to the
site include peer-reviewed, front list books as well as classic titles in
subjects such as Biomedicine, Education, Electrical Engineering,
Chemistry, Business & Economics and more. These titles will enhance the
Kluwer digital library collection to over 650 authoritative Kluwer

eBooks are delivered electronically are available in Adobe� Acrobat� eBook
Reader� format. Custom Books, a unique product offering from Kluwer, give
online users the ability to create individual personalized books, choosing
the chapters and whether they want the book delivered electronically or
printed and mailed as a perfect-bound paperback. Custom Books are also
well-suited for course-pack creation for educators, empowering professors
to construct special class information, while enabling the student to
chose its format.

The new compendium of Custom Books and eBooks can be accessed through
www.kluweronline.com. In addition to electronic Journals, eBooks, online
Reference Works and Custom Books, visitors to the gateway can also find
up-to-date scientific information through Kluwer Alert, the email
notification service that delivers journal tables of content and new
product information to a subscriber's desktop.

About Kluwer Academic Publishers 

Kluwer Academic Publishers is a leading publisher of scientific
information, specializing in numerous fields within Science, Technology,
Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences. Located in Dordrecht, Boston,
New York, Taipei and London, Kluwer provides high quality online products
and services, journals and books, featuring leading authors and
researchers from around the world. For more information on Kluwer, visit