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Library management courses at Tilburg University, NL, August 2003

Dear liblicense subscriber,

Some months ago, I announced three library courses, which will be held at
Tilburg University, the Netherlands, in August 2003. The courses focus on:

- Library vision and strategy (2 days, 11-12 August)
- Change management (3 days, 13-15 August)
- Management of electronic resources and e-publishing (3 days, 25-
  27 August)

Especially the third one will be of interest to the readers of this list.  
The full programme of all three courses is now available via the course
website at http://www.ticer.nl/summer03/. Further information is available
in the press release below and via the course website mentioned above.

Registration should take place preferably before 1 June. 

Kind regards,

Jola Prinsen

--------- begin press release --------------

Library management courses at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 
August 2003

In August 2003, three library courses will be held at Tilburg 
University in the Netherlands. The courses focus on:
-   Library vision and strategy (2 days)
-   Change management (3 days)
-   Management of electronic resources and e-publishing (3 days)
The full programme is now available via 
http://www.ticer.nl/summer03/. Registration, preferably before 1 
June 2003, is possible via http://www.ticer.nl/summer03/form.htm.

1. Leaders' Visions on the Library of the Future
Eight leaders in the international library, ICT and academic world 
will present their vision on the future: how will the library world look 
in three to five years time?

When and where
Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Sunday evening 10 up to and 
including Tuesday 12 August 2003.

Target group
Directors, other senior managers, and those aspiring to these 
positions, from academic/research libraries, computer centres, and 
publishing houses.

IT developments relevant to libraries, the future of electronic 
publishing, e-learning, and e-science, supporting collaborative 
work, better focused services (customisation and personalization), 
keeping up with the customer (user behaviour, usage, and 
statistics), the problems of e-only and digital archiving, surviving is 
co-operating, organisational and staff development, and strategic 
planning in the 21st century. 

-   Cyberinfrastructure and new knowledge environments for 
    research and education (Daniel E. Atkins, Professor School of 
    Information and Director Alliance for Community Technology, 
    University of Michigan, USA)
-   Trends in the information business (lecturer to be confirmed)
-   The future of e-publishing (Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, 
    Coalition for Networked Information, USA)
-   Libraries and e-learning (Prof. Mel Collier, Library Director, 
    Tilburg University Library, NL and Research Professor, 
    University of Northumbria, UK)
-   The future role of national libraries (Lynne Brindley, Chief 
    Executive, The British Library, UK)
-   University libraries and organizational change (Jan Wilkinson, 
    University Librarian and Keeper of the Brotherton Collection, 
    Leeds University Library, UK)
-   Toward the creation of an intentional future: a corporate 
    perspective (Eugenie Prime, Manager, Corporate Libraries, 
    Hewlett Packard Company, USA) 
-   The road ahead: creating digital library capabilities to support 
    research (Rick Luce, Research Library Director, Los Alamos 
    National Laboratory, USA) 


2. Change: Making it Happen in your Library
The course aims to identify new opportunities for libraries, to 
support librarians in developing a vision, and to provide librarians 
with tools to initiate a change in their own organisation. 

When and where
Tilburg University, the Netherlands, Tuesday evening 12 up to and 
including Friday 15 August 2003.

Target group
Library managers/directors, deputy librarians/directors, and other 
senior managers involved in strategic change in academic and 
research libraries.
The changing outside world, library vision, new ways of supporting 
research and learning, strategic planning, models and frameworks 
for change management, managing the process of change, 
organisational change, managing resistance, communication, 
human resource aspects of change, human resource management, 
and improvement programmes.

-   The context for change (Andrew Green, Librarian, National 
    Library of Wales, UK)
-   Visioning and strategic planning for libraries (Eugenie Prime, 
    Manager, Corporate Libraries, Hewlett Packard Company, USA)
-   Change management theory and tools: practical sessions on 
    tools and techniques, and a lot of tips (Lucy Jeynes, Director, 
    Larch Consulting, UK). Attention will be paid to frameworks for 
    change, key roles in the change process, communications, 
    and people and change (library staff, managing resistance, 
    reward structures)
-   Course case study: facilitated workshop sessions, with the 
    opportunity to learn from one another's experience
-   Real-life case studies of change processes in libraries by 
    Graham Bulpitt (Director, Sheffield Hallam University, Learning 
    Centre, UK), Dr. Alice Keller (Head, Collection Development, 
    ETH Library, CH), and Deborah Shorley (Librarian, University of 
    Sussex, UK)


3. Libraries, Electronic Resources, and Electronic Publishing
The course aims to support university and research libraries in the 
current transitional phase and to identify new roles and 
opportunities for them. 

When and where
Tilburg University, the Netherlands, Sunday evening 24 up to and 
including Wednesday 27 August 2003.

Target group
Library managers/directors, IT or systems librarians, licensing 
officers, digital library project managers from academic and 
research libraries, and publishers.

Changes in the information chain, new roles for publishers, the 
library as an information gateway and publisher, the economics of 
journal publishing, copyright, licensing and library consortia, the art 
of negotiation, electronic pre-prints and document servers, 
preservation and digital archiving.

-   Trends in e-publishing and comparisons of the cost and use of 
    electronic and print journal collections (Donald W. King, 
    Research Professor, University of Pittsburg, USA)
-   Trends in IT and electronic publishing (Teun Nijssen, Senior 
    Project Manager, Tilburg University, Computer Centre, NL)
-   Legal issues in e-publishing: copyright and licensing 
    (Emanuella Giavarra, Copyright lawyer, Chambers of Mark 
    Watson-Gandy, UK)
-   Electronic publishing in practice (Jonathan Clark, Director 
    ScienceDirect, Elsevier, NL)
-   Permanent archiving of electronic publications (Johan 
    Steenbakkers, Director Information Technology and Facility 
    Management, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, NL)
-   International library consortia and the information industry: 
    recent developments and future prospects (Arnold Hirshon, 
    Executive Director, NELINET, USA)
-   The art of negotiation (Alicia Wise, Head of Development, JISC, 
-   Open Archives Initiative protocol and its applications for library 
    services (including workshop) (Herbert Van de Sompel, Digital 
    Library Research & Prototyping, Los Alamos National 
    Laboratory Research Library, USA)
-   The future of e-publishing and the role of universities in the 
    value chain (Hans Roosendaal, Professor of Scientific 
    Information, University of Twente, NL) 
-   The future role of libraries (Hans Geleijnse, Director of 
    Information Service and Systems, European University 
    Institute, IT)


Registration, preferably before 1 June 2003, is possible via 

The course is organised by Ticer B.V., known from the International 
Summer School on the Digital Library, in cooperation with Tilburg 
University and the European University Institute in Italy.

Ticer B.V., Jola Prinsen, P.O. Box 4191, 5004 JD Tilburg, The 
Netherlands, tel.: +31 � 13 � 466 8310, fax: +31 � 13 � 466 8383, 
e-mail: ticer@uvt.nl, http://www.ticer.nl/