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What Consumers Want in Digital Rights Management

March 21, 2003

Contact: Ed McCoyd 
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AAP and ALA Release White Paper to Promote User-friendly DRM Products 

New York, NY, March 21, 2003: The Association of American Publishers (AAP)
and the American Library Association (ALA) have released a joint White
Paper promoting the usage capabilities in Digital Rights Management (DRM)
products for e-books that publishers, librarians, and researchers say are
most needed in order to satisfy consumer preferences.

E-book DRM technology consists of encryption and other systems that
publishers and authors use to protect their works against unauthorized
copying, and to define the ways in which an e-book can be accessed and
used. DRM systems for e-books are currently offered by a number of
different software providers, and this White Paper is intended to provide
guidance to technology vendors as they build and improve DRM products for
the industry.

Title: What Consumers Want in Digital Rights Management (DRM): Making
Content as Widely Available as Possible In Ways that Satisfy Consumer

Sponsor: AAP and ALA
Author: F. Hill Slowinski
DOI: 10.1003/whitepaper1

White paper available at:

OR: http://doi.contentdirections.com/mr/aap.jsp?doi=10.1003/whitepaper1