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NASA headquarters Library to be Downsized

NASA Headquarters Library to be Downsized?
NASA Headquarters Library to be Downsized? 
Keith Cowing/NASA Watch 
Wednesday, April 30, 2003 

The following memo is circulating around NASA Headquarters: 

There is a radical move afoot to close or drastically downsize the NASA
library--to drastically reduce the size/staff/resources/capabilities of
the NASA library to create a "museum to "showcase the Enterprises" , doing
outreach to our publics. This apparently is Courtney's idea, and he has
asked the new head of Code C, Jim Frelk, to meet with the AAs to let them

Those of us who use the library feel that this is not acceptable. Their
strategy is to have it done in 90 days, with no public discussion--they
have even put a gag order on library staff to prohibit them from
discussing this with their customers.

I wonder if you might be able to gather support to put a stop to this?
Attached are some fact sheets on the library. Below are some additional
talking points:

My Thanks to Judy Walker, UNC Charlotte for calling my attention to this,
and Gerald Holmes, UNC Greensboro for passing in on to EBSS-L from the
originating listserv: LIBREF-L.