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Re: AMA pricing?

We've been trying to get a price for the AMA collection for two months
now. Their way of calculating a price is ridiculous. They won't settle for
a simple FTE count, but demand to know the figures for students,
researchers, professors within separate subjects. To get hold of these
figures is virtually impossible. The time spent by us chasing all
information, and the time spent by the AMA calculating a price will amount
to a sum just as ridiculous as the prices I've seen offered on this list
for online access. So far we havent't even received a hint as to what the
price will be... I'm beginning to doubt that we'll ever see it, and if we
do, that we won't be able to afford it.

Tommy Kagner
Karolinska Institutet University Library
Box 200
171 77 Stockholm
+46 8 524 84 164