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RE: AMA pricing?

I don't know which model was used for our price quote, but the number I
received just yesterday represents an increase of 1600% over what we
currently are paying for AMA print journals that include a limited
3-simultaneous user online access.  While the simultaneous-user option is
being eliminated, the AMA representative did say there were other options
to paying the higher site-license fee:

1) Limit online access to only 3 workstations/IP addresses
2) Receive 3 usernames/passwords for online access (but we are not
   allowed to tell our users what they are).
3) Eliminate online access to JAMA, as that is the most expensive part
   of the site-license cost.

Option 1 is about as useful to us as buggy whips.

Option 2 is like the AMA telling us that we can pay for an institutional
print subscription to JAMA, but the issues must be kept out of sight
behind the circulation desk, and not displayed with our other journals
(where they might be seen by library users and possibly READ!)

Option 3 makes me wonder if the AMA sees its online publications more as a
revenue-generating resource than as a means to widely disseminate
important medical information.

Jonathan Lord
University of Virginia Health Sciences Library
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Subject: Re: AMA pricing?

AMA Publishing recently introduced new site license pricing.  The
purpose of this new pricing is to provide libraries and other
organizations access to JAMA & Archives Journals On-line under a number
of pricing options.

Recently there has been some confusion with respect to prices quoted for
a few larger institutions early in the roll-out of these new options.
Some institutions were regrettably quoted prices based on higher user
estimates than were actual.  These institutions have been contacted and
are providing AMA Publishing with more accurate user requirements.
Pricing estimates for these institutions are to be revised upon receipt
of the data.  Significantly lower pricing proposals are anticipated as a
result of this new information.

Best wishes,

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