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NISO and EDItEUR to Set Serials Exchange Standard

Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 11:49:48 -0500
From: NISO Headquarters <nisohq@niso.org>

For release: November 4, 2002

NISO and EDItEUR to Set Serials Exchange Standard

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and EDItEUR are
establishing a Joint Working Party (JWP) to explore the development of a
common standard format for the exchange of serials subscription

A NISO White Paper released in September 2002 reported that libraries,
content aggregators, publishers, and third party service providers are
increasingly exchanging information about serials subscription.  The White
Paper indicated that a standard exchange format would be beneficial to all
parties in the supply chain and identified ONIX for Serials as a good
foundation for such an exchange format.

The NISO/EDItEUR group will begin work in November 2002 and will be tasked

o Recommend specific enhancements to the ONIX for Serials schema and
documentation to support exchange of serials subscription information;

o Recommend how the query/response scenarios can be accommodated
within the emerging EDItEUR framework for transaction-based

o Plan, organize and coordinate a pilot project involving publishers,
intermediaries, and libraries to demonstrate the feasibility of using ONIX
for Serials as an exchange format for serials subscription information.

The Joint Working Party will be co-chaired by Priscilla Caplan, a member
of the NISO Standards Development Committee and Assistant Director of the
Florida Center for Library Automation, Gainesville FL and Richard Gedye,
Journals Sales and Marketing Director, Oxford University Press, Oxford UK.

The NISO White Paper, titled "The Exchange of Serials Subscription
Information" by Ed Jones is featured on the NISO website at:

NISO is the leading accredited standards developer serving libraries and
content industries (www.niso.org).  EDItEUR is an international trade
industry group coordinating development of the standards infrastructure
for electronic commerce in books and serials (www.editeur.org).

For further information contact:

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