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Kluwers Academic to be Sold to Financial Investors


October 18, 2002

Kluwer continues under ownership of financial investors

Wolters Kluwer has decided to sell Kluwer Academic Publishers to Candover
and Cinven, two private equity funds based in London.

Kluwer Academic Publishers will continue it's activities as they are right
now, meeting the needs of our customers, authors and other stakeholders,
continuing the relationships with suppliers. In the coming weeks we will
inform all our relations in a more personal way.

Candover and Cinven are highly enthusiastic about our prospects as a
business in its current form and under the leadership of our existing
management team. They wish to provide our business with the financial
resources it needs to grow and thereby participate in its success,
together with its management and employees. A small management is
investing alongside Candover and Cinven, underlining the belief in a
healthy development of the company.

We attracted these buyers with our results and our plans, and we now have
the opportunity to bring our ideas for growth to full fruition. We are
confident that our future with Candover and Cinven will be a prosperous

If you want more information about this subject, please contact our
communications manager Petra Sprado at petra.sprado@wkap.nl .

Kind regards, Peter Hendriks


Candover URL:  http://www.candover.com
Cinven URL:  http://www.cinven.com
Kluwer Academic Publishers URL:  http://www.wkap.nl